Thursday, September 26, 2013

Who is Lance Stephenson? Answer: Lance Stephenson (Part 3)

The honorable Tim Donahue asked on Twitter last week who exactly Lance Stephenson compares to.
After looking at the numbers, I have to come to one conclusion: He is Lance Stephenson.
He may attack like Jeremy Lin or Tyreke Evans at times, but his advanced statistics are more like Tony Allen's according to basketball

But all those are flawed comparisons for many reasons. Lin is a distributor, Evans plays better defense, and Tony Allen is the Grindfather and doesn't shoot from deep like Lance is capable of. Lin and Evans are used much more in the offense as far as the Usage percentage goes and he is more in line with Allen in that regard, but I don't think Lance and Tony have all that much in common other than shot their inside shot selection and performance from there. Lance's use or range makes him more like Lin or Evans. One of the comparisons BR gave was Smush Parker (different shot selection) or Don Cheney, but considering he played pre-three point line, it seems just as hard to compare him as it does with Allen.

If any one has any other suggestions I'd be interested to know, because so far I can find a guy I'd feel that comfortable saying is his doppelganger.

Lance is his own animal in a lot of ways. He's got the irrational confidence of J.R. Smith, a defensive game comparable to Tyreke Evans, shot selection like Jeremy Lin, and finishes (better) like Tony Allen.

To see the stream-of-consciousness that got me here, look at Part 1 and Part 2.

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